Best Vegan-friendly Gifts For The Holiday

Gifting is Loving!

2020 has been a tough year for most of us (thanks to covid-19). And although Christmas is just around the corner, holidays may be hard for some people. So why not treat your loved ones to something special with some thoughtful and unique vegan-friendly gifts? 🎁 If you are in need of some last minute gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I have handpicked 4 top vegan-friendly gifts for you to spoil your friends or yourself. After such a rough year, you not only deserve a pat on the back, but also a perfect gift as a reward. 😘

Gift For Your Baker Friends – Challenger Breadware

Do you know that “quarantine baker” is a thing? Quarantine baker basically means people who started picking up the hobby of sourdough baking since lockdown. As people are spending most of their time at home, they are starting to develop interests in more “time-consuming” hobbies. I think the major reason why sourdough baking has become so popular after quarantine is that it’s challenging yet rewarding. Also, basic sourdough bread consists of only 3 ingredients flour, water and salt, which are all easily accessible and relatively cheap. Most importantly, bread is a staple food in most countries. Therefore, most people started to make their own bread to prevent unnecessary trips to the bakery during covid-19.

No matter you are a beginner, amateur or professional baker. The challenger breadware is the perfect gift for bakers. The challenger breadware is a revolutionary Bread Pan designed specifically for bread baker that gives the right amount of heat and steam for the perfect loaf.

Designed By Bakers. For Bakers.

The shallow base and top handles of the pan allow me to load the dough onto the extremely hot pan easily without having to burn arms. True, you can bake good sourdough bread in other cast iron pans, such as the Lodge combo cooker and Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. However, there have been countless times when I accidentally burn my arms while loading and unloading the bread from the pan as those pans are not designed solely for the purpose of baking bread.

Double chocolate sourdough

Moreover, the special shape of the pan allows it to create the optimal amount of steam while baking. The size of the challenger pan is also perfect for sourdough baking. There are plenty of room vertically for oven spring and horizontally for me to place a couple of ice cubes to create even more steam. You can easily fit two small loaf, one large loaf or even a couple of baguettes in this pan, which I am not able to do this with the other dutch ovens I owned.

At first sight, the price of the challenger pan may seem a bit too high when compared with the other Dutch ovens. Yet, given the convenience and practicality of this pan, I can say it totally worth the price.

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Gift For Your Active Friends – Manduka Yoga Mat

The pandemic has definitely changed the way how people workout. Before COVID-19, most people prefer going to the gym. However, as gyms are closed during lockdowns, people have been “forced” to improvise and exercise at home. And as more time are available, people who are rarely active before the pandemic are also starting to develop a fitness routine for the sake of health.

I have been working out at home everyday for little over 2 years and I followed Sydney Cummings’ programme. Sydney posts a new workout video on YouTube EVERY SINGLE DAY. Talk about consistency! And if you are working out at home, a good quality yoga mat is of utmost importance. Over the past 10 years of my fitness journey, I have tried yoga mats in different price range, but none of them last more than 3 years, until I found Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat.

While I was doing some research on which yoga mat to buy, I found a surprisingly unanimous opinion when it comes to Maduka. It takes a bit to break in, but it provides the perfect amount of cushioning, making it joint-friendly. Manduka yoga mats are made in an emission-free facility, vegan-friendly and comes with a lifetime guarantee (for Pro series). Therefore, if you are serious about fitness or workout at home a lot, Manduka yoga mats are definitely worth the splurge!

Gift For Your Stylish Friends – Vegan Handbag from O.N.E.

If you are looking for vegan-friendly gifts for your girlfriend or your mom, these lovely vegan handbags from O.N.E. are the best options. According to a research, women are spending more money on handbags, instead of underwears, jewelry or scarves.

I came across the brand O.N.E. which makes gorgeous vegan handbags. The vegan leather they use is a high-quality microfiber leather that fully replicates the texture of animal leather. Better still, the vegan leather is also significantly lighter, more abrasion resistant, odor resistant, and water repellent. The inner lining of the bags is made with polyester produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles. And if you are worried about the excessive packaging, I’ve got you covered. They use 100% recyclable materials in all of their packaging. So what’s better than giving a gift to your loved ones without doing harm to the animals and the environment?

Gift On A Budget – Homemade Vegan Treats

While the uncertainty from COVID-19 persists all around the world with no end in sight, spending hundreds on gifts may not be a realistic move. But do you know that sometimes the best gifts are free? I have lots of easy recipes that make the best homemade vegan-friendly gifts!


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