My Trip to Melbourne Marathon – Day 1

  Hey guys! So I have just got back from an amazing Marathon journey in Melbourne. I didn’t have much expectation before I go, but it turns out that everything is so unbelievably marvelous. This post is gonna be a bit long as I really wish to share with you all my experience in this beautiful city – Melbourne.

My Already Super Amazing First Day In Melbourne

My flight landed at 7:30am in Melbourne and by the time I managed to get to my apartment, it’s already 11am. I met the lovely Sofie from the Naked Seeds, who made some very nice vegan and gluten-free pancake mix with superfood infused. As some of you might have already know that I really love making pancakes. This mix is just a total life-saver for me, as I only have to add one Neat Egg and water to the mix and VOILA, you will be able to enjoy a stack of superfood healthy pancake within 30 minutes. How clever is this product? People often refused to eat healthy just because it requires a lot of preparation time, but the Naked Seeds is here to show you that you can prepare your meal fast without any compromising the nutrition value of the food.

First Stop: Pana Chocolate

We met at the LEGENDARY Pana Chocolate, which I have been wanting to visit for ages and have been drooling on my phone every time when I saw their delicious raw cakes photos on Instagram.



And when I stepped into this store, I was so excited and couldn’t stop taking photos of this amazing place, from the raw cake display to the interior decoration of the store. I was just a bit overwhelmed and it seems like a dream-come-true experience for me as I finally got to see this place in REAL!
After scanning at all the raw cakes inside the display cabinet, I can’t make my decision, so we asked for the opinion from the sweet girl working there. After taking her advice, we decided to order the raw cake called fruit loop, raw snicker, holy fudge and lavender chocolate. And how LOVELY this platter looks!
No words can express how happy I feel and how delicious these raw treats are when I’m having them. Sofie and I were chatting there non-stop as we are both like-minded people who are passionate about healthy lifestyle. We talk about my marathon training in Hong Kong, my vegan story, as well as my dreams and passions. Then, she kindly drove me to Prahran before she headed on to another meeting in the afternoon and showed me some nice shops in that area, including the Prahran Market and Market Lane Coffee.

Tall Timber

After strolling around this amazing neighbourhood and did some (crazy) shopping at the Source Bulk Foods, I went to a cafe called Tall Timber to meet with the Health Food Guys who make the healthy and yummy raw protein bars and bites.

I came across this protein bars on Instagram as I’m looking for some healthy and vegan protein bars without any nasty ingredients. I contacted Tim from the Health Food Guys and they kindly sent me some samples to try. After tasting them, I immediately fell in love with these bars and raw protein bites, as they taste so natural and the combination of flavors are just so perfect! My favorite ones are those with lemon and coffee. Among all the products of them, I really enjoyed the raw protein bites, as they are small in size and sometimes I just don’t want to have a whole bar and I can try different flavors in one go.

We had a kale and quinoa salad with a bit of crunch from nuts and beans. And omg this salad is just wonderful, the seasoning is just right with different textures embedded. I feel like I am in heaven for one second as I have too many amazing and mind-blowing food in one day right after I have landed in Melbourne. Tall Timber has easily became my favorite cafe in Melbourne that I couldn’t resist to return the next day.

Yong Green Food

For dinner, I went to the famous Yong Green Food. I had the Macro Dragon Bowl which is basically a bowl of brown rice with all kind of nutritious goodness including tempeh, mushrooms, fermented veggies etc, as well as a raw lasagna. This raw lasagna is absolutely the best (not one of the) one I’ve ever tried. The raw lasagna I tried before are usually quite heavy due to the cashew cheese. However, this one is so refreshing and delicious which I really can’t help but gulping down it although I already had the macro dragon bowl.


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