Iced Pourover Coffee with Oat Milk

iced pourover with oat milk

Home Coffee Bar

Most people got into sourdough baking during covid. For me, I have already gotten into sourdough baking way before covid. But I did pick up another habit during that period of time. Pourover coffee. I always love coffee (who doesn’t). As we didn’t really go out often during covid, the only option to get my daily dose of caffeine is to brew it myself. And to my surprise, brewing coffee at home is not as expensive as I thought it would be, especially for pourover coffee. Making espresso based coffee is a whole another level, which I’m not getting into that (yet).

Home coffee bar

Coffee Equipments For Beginners

Disclaimer: I’m by no means any coffee experts. These are written based on my personal experience and preference. For more serious coffee information, you can watch videos from James Hoffman, Lance Hedrick and Kyle Rowsell.

In order to make pourover coffee at home, here are some basic equipments you need:

  • A scale with timer
  • Dripper(s). There are a various of drippers available out there. Some of the most common ones are Hario V60, Kalita wave, Origami dripper and Chemex.
  • Filter paper (it depends on the kind of dripper you are using)
  • Pourover kettle. Fellow Stagg EKG is one of the most commonly used pourover kettle among coffee enthusiast. You don’t really necessarily need one with temperature control if you just start your coffee journey. But it is highly recommended to invest in one if you think you will brew quite a lot of coffee at home.
  • Good coffee beans. Experiment with different coffee beans from different origins at your local cafe. Ask the baristas about the beans and discover your preference. For pourover coffee, I recommend light to medium roasted single origin beans.
  • Grinder. You can use pre-ground coffee but freshly ground coffee is always highly recommended. There are many beginners grinder out there for those who are not ready to invest in a prosumer model yet. But Baratza Vario W+ is the one I’m using and really love!

Iced Pourover Coffee with Oat Milk

Traditionally, pourover coffee is almost always served black and hot. After watching one of James Hoffman’s video on making iced pourover, I have been making this iced version quite a lot. Especially during hot summer days in Hong Kong! As much as I enjoy my coffee black, sometimes I like to add some twist and experiment with something new. So I wonder, how about I replace the ice cubes with “mylk” cubes? Thanks for my sudden thought, now I can enjoy this delicious iced pourover coffee with oat milk during summer.

Iced Pourover Coffee with Oat Milk

Recipe by Angie @ The Floral VeganCourse: CoffeeDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time



This iced pourover coffee with oat milk is so easy to make. A perfect summer drink!


  • 20g Ground coffee (I used the decaf blend from Kokako)

  • 120g Iced oat milk cubes

  • 180g hot water (at 90°C or 190°F)


  • First pour: 0:00, +45g
  • Second pour: 0:45, +55g (Total: 100g)
  • Last pour: 1:30, +80g (Total: 180g)
  • Finish pour: Approx. 2:00

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