Raw Double Layered Nice Cream Sandwich (Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Nut-free)

Yesterday I received a lovely parcel from Lola of Aduna, which is an African-inspired health brand. Their baobab powder is the first one I’ve ever encountered, and Aduna is the brand that introduced this awesome superfruit – Baobab in my life. Ever since then I’ve been incorporating baobab in my diet 💛 Lola was so kind to send me a box of parcel containing all these amazing goodies. I’ve never tried moringa before but have been hearing lots of good things about it. So, when I receive this parcel yesterday, I’m already looking forward to experimenting with some new raw food ideas today.
As I think baobab goes really well with mango, so why not make a mango nice cream with baobab? But I’ve done it for so many times already. Therefore, I came up with another idea – NICE CREAM SANDWICH! And since I can’t wait to try the moringa as well, I opted for a double layered nice cream sandwich in between raw cacao cookies. Does it sound good? Here comes the recipe! 💃🏻


Raw Cacao Cookies:

2/3 cup oat
1/3 buckwheat
1 heaped Tbsp Big Tree Farms raw cacao powder
1 cup pitted dates

Nice Cream:

2 frozen bananas
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 heaped tsp Aduna baobab
1 Tbsp Aduna moringa
1 tsp Amazonia prebiotic


  1. Line 2 loaf pans with baking sheets
  2. Place the oats and buckwheat into a food processor and roughly process (I don’t want it to be too finely powered so as to retain some texture in the “cookies”)
  3. Then add the pitted dates and raw cacao powder and process until all ingredients stick together, you can add some water if the mixture is too dry or doesn’t form a dough
  4. Press half of the cookie mixture into the bottom of the lined loaf pan firmly. Do the same for the other half of the mixture in another baking tray
  5. Place the “cookies” into the freezer while you are preparing the nice cream layers
  6. For the nice cream layers, place every ingredients except moringa into a high-speed blender (I used Vitamix) and blend until smooth
  7. Pour half of the nice cream on top of one of the cookie base, spread evenly and put it back to the freezer
  8. Add moringa to the remaining nice cream and process again until the nice cream turns green! (Yay!)
  9. Carefully spread the green nice cream on top of the yellow layer
  10. Put the pan back to the freezer for 10 minutes until the nice cream slightly hardens
  11. Place the other cookie base on top of everything and slightly press it downwards so that the nice cream layer sticks with the cookie
  12. Freeze for few hours until it becomes firm and hardens
  13. Cut them into desired shape and share it with your friends! Coz I’m sure they will love it 😆

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